At the mini training camp in Rome for Palermo, two rosaneros are absent: they have Covid, the names remain secret

When there are only a few minutes left until the start of mini retreat in Romeat the ”Giulio Onesti” headquarters, CONI’s Olympic training center in Rome, the company in Viale del Fante communicated that two rosanero players have contracted the covid.

The Palermo at the moment he has not declared the names of the two players who, however, as stated in the official note, were promptly placed in isolation, as per protocol.

The first training session will take place this afternoon and Accardi appears among the absentees, leaving for Piacenza, Devetak, Peretti and Doda. For the latter, the transfer is only a matter of hours. The young defender Orihuela, next to wear the rosanero jersey, is not present in the official list.

In the meantime, the players arrived in the center of the capital in the late morning, where they were welcomed by some fans of the “Roma rosanero” group.

When the players arrived, some fans asked for photographs and autographs. The rest of the retreat, as previously communicated, is behind closed doors but, in the next few days, if the club authorizes it, the fans in the capital could meet the players after training, just for a few photos and autographs. At the same time as the Palermo retreat, a meeting of the Serie A and Serie B referees is underway in the same sports centre.

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