At the Hotel La Torre in Mondello a pictorial exhibition entitled Summer Perfume

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Saturday 23 July, inside the Hotel “La Torre” in Mondello, with a spectacular sea view that delighted all the participants, the inauguration of a pictorial collective entitled: “Scent of Summer” took place.

These are the names of the leading artists of the pictorial collective: Annita Borino, Rosario Calì (RoCa), RMC Carista, (Mary CristinArt), Loredana Fogazza, Carmen Frisina, Luisa Imperiale, Emanuele Mandalà (Ema Resart) Letizia Marchione, Giovanni Messina Arte, Ileana Milazzo, Nicoletta Militello, Giuseppe Misuraca, Ersilia Monaco, Oliva Patanella (Anil) Fulvia Reyes, Maria Silvana Ruggeri, Lydia Angela Schembri, Giuseppe Spinoso, Ketty Tamburello, Anna Torregrossa, Maria Felice Vadalà.

The contents were illustrated by Maestro Maurizio Lucchese.

The exhibition, organized by Aurelia Canè, responsible for the artistic direction, is divided into forty works.
In fact, each artist exhibits two paintings.
Each one represents, through their own sensitivity, the various genres of contemporary art, making use of the artistic avant-garde of the last twentieth century up to the contemporary era.

“These are works of great cultural value – explains Mauri Lucchese – based on individual impression, with research on naturalistic, realistic, surrealist, informal, digital painting”.
“In some – he specifies – even of an impressionist nature: the exhibition is a respectable review, created thanks to the experience and professionalism of the participants, two fundamental conditions for setting up serenely”.

To cheer the evening, the intervention of the poetess Licia Mancino and the extraordinary participation of the artist Angelo Denaro.

The collective will remain open until next 6 August.

Entering, we listen to the words of the master Maurizio Lucchese and at the same time we observe the works of the artists that follow one another in a crescendo of colors, many of which recall the color of the sea, of which even the smell is perceived.
It is precisely the color of the sea that persists in all its shades, calm or stormy with boats, nets, but there is no lack of other themes, other figures, other symbols of our land, with styles that trace the various genres of contemporary art and attest to the ability of artists to know how to extricate themselves in a world as varied as that of Art.

Dorotea Rizzo

News from Sicily
2022-07-25 08:00:00

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