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At the Feltrinelli in Palermo, for the first time Leoluca Orlando and Alberto Franceschini are compared | Sicily Today News

A comparison event in Palermo between the protagonists of the Italian history of the twentieth century and of the current transition phase. Catholic solidarity and class struggle , visions, hopes, defeats and errors. The story of a long season of social conflicts in Italy and the subsequent grueling drift of the Second Republic, marked by globalization and the loss of identity and belonging, told by two historical protagonists.

This is the occasion provided by the presentation of the essay “Gli estranei” (Nuova Ipsa editore) by Victor Matteucci , which will be held at 17 of Wednesday 26 January at the “La Feltrinelli” bookshop in Palermo (via Cavour 133) .

The book addresses the theme of social exclusion, 21st century strangers, individuals and superfluous work. But who are millions of men and women and how have they become strangers? Where do the excluded live and how do they live? Social anger in the Italian suburbs , the violence of protest demonstrations, youth unease, existential precariousness, femicides, racism are signs of a general crisis historical?

For the first time in comparison Leoluca Orlando and Alberto Franceschini . Introduced by Victor Matteucci , moderated by Gilda Sciortino . Expected direct Facebook on the page

Limited seats. Admission in compliance with Anti Covid regulations with super green pass and Ffp2 mask.