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Today’s edition of “Il Giornale di Sicilia” focuses on Palermo’s lack of victories.

Continuity, this unknown.
Palermo had the chance to extend the streak of consecutive victories, reached in Avellino for the first time with Baldini on the bench, but the opportunity was lost.
At home and against the penultimate in the standings, she also found herself outnumbered in the final.
And so, the goal of the string of successes is already archived, three days after the blitz of the «Partenio-Lombardi» which had reopened new scenarios in the standings, for the race for second place.
A race that has not ended (because Palermo has yet to recover a game), but certainly has not made it easier.
Indeed, everything almost returned to the starting point, without Luperini’s draw in the final minutes.
A useful point more than anything else to keep alive the streak of useful results within the friendly walls, because there in front of the only one who did not win was Virtus Francavilla.

The others all took three points with which to increase the gap in the fight for the best placement in terms of play-offs.
What we saw at «Barbera» is something that had already been noticed before.
In terms of results, this team lacks continuity.
Except that before it seemed to be a problem related to external performance, because every home victory corresponded to an external disappointment.
At the first change of course away from the comfort zone of their stadium, there seemed to be the prerequisites to start a positive series: the return home against a newly promoted in difficulty, two trips certainly not improbable against Potenza and Paganese, the recovery of the internal match with Taranto and another match in front of his audience against Picerno.
Challenges within the reach of this Palermo, or at least within the reach of Palermo with an average of three goals per game at the «Barbera» that had been seen up until last week.
On the first date to attempt the climb, however, the old limits were revised.
Defensive errors paid for dearly, frenzy in attack and in the end, to avoid the worst, a free kick was served with the opponents reduced to ten men.
Palermo does not have three consecutive league victories in exactly one group, from a series that began thanks to Andria’s 2-0 win on the field over Fidelis herself who on Wednesday managed to snatch a point from «Barbera».

After that victory came two home wins with Potenza (another 2-0) and Paganese (3-0).
At the end of this row, Palermo were second four points behind Bari, still to be faced on the last day of the first round.
One group later, Palermo are sixth sixteen points behind the leaders, albeit with one game less that could potentially reduce the gap to thirteen points.
What a group ago, when the pinks hit the first of three consecutive victories, might have seemed like a goal, today is a chimera.
Also and above all because, since then, there has been no continuity in the results.
Neither with Filippi (who collected a victory, a draw and three defeats from the success against the Paganese), nor with Baldini, who in Avellino had obtained two successes in a row for the first time.
That continuity that should have fueled the hopes of Palermo and that seemed to be able to return after having taken the full booty in the direct confrontation with the Irpinia, is again a puzzle.

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