At Palazzo delle Aquile the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Palermo against violence against women

A collaboration is born between Uici and Le Onde

A day of awareness and reflection on the condition of women, gender violence and the many feminicides, 108 in Italy this year, was organized by the Italian Union for the Blind and Visually Impaired of Palermo in main atrium of Palazzo delle Aquile, seat of the Municipality. The initiative took place simultaneously and in live streaming with other 100 territorial sections of the Blind Union throughout the national territory. The deputy mayor Fabio Giambrone opened the event and welcomed those present, in front of a red bench, the symbol of the day, positioned in the atrium, and many were the representatives of the Council and the municipal council to intervene. The Councilor for Social Policies Cinzia Mantegna underlined how “This day brings everyone into question, as institutions and citizens, to reflect on a strong, delicate and difficult to solve issue. The municipal administration – continues the commissioner – has long and over time kept the attention high. In our city there is an anti-violence network with great experiences in the area and many activities that allow women to slowly emerge from that condition of violence with psychological support too “. Tommaso Di Gesaro president of the Italian Union for the blind and visually impaired of Palermo describes violence against women as “a sign of a wrong culture, in which there are elements of obscurantism that are struggling to die. Sometimes there are also psychological forms of violence that constitute the humus around which the most dramatic episodes that lead to the killing of women grow – comments Di Gesaro – The first cultural battle must be fought on the word “love”. We have really lost its meaning because love is not the possession of the person with whom you can do what you want. All people must be respected regardless of their gender. The Italian Blind Union did not want to pull out of this very important issue that affects everyone’s conscience and does so with the awareness that the problem of violence against women also affects, and does so in an even more serious way, disabled people, blind women who, in addition to having difficulty reporting, often do not have their own autonomy “. This is why Uici Palermo has embarked on a path of collaboration with the Le Onde association. This is confirmed by Maria Rosa Lotti: “We have projects in place to facilitate access by those who have a double difficulty for those who live in a condition of violence, often within their own family, and cannot, alone, to reach the refuge or to contact him because he does not have adequate information. And we as an anti-violence center, through Uici, can understand how to help them and how to work with each of them “. Also present were the municipal councilors Giuseppina Russa and Concetta Amella. The testimonies of blind women such as Carolina Tarantino and of those who work within the Union such as Grace Serra, member of the Equal Opportunities Working Group, are moving and underline the great indifference around the problem. “If I know that a woman is being mistreated I must not shut up, I must not think that it does not concern me – he says – If we hear screams coming from the neighboring house we can intervene, we can report”. The women who attended were given a rose and a parchment with a poem about the woman reproduced in printed type and in Braille made by the Regional Printing House of Catania which tells the preciousness of the woman and her right to be freely loved.

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