at Palazzo delle Aquile a sheet for Impastato

“Peppino is alive”: the writing colors a white sheet in red on the Palazzo delle Aquile. This is how the Municipality remembers Impastato 43 years after the day of his murder. “A way – explains Mayor Orlando – to create community and continue a collective commitment even without the traditional procession. A way to reiterate that the mafias, even more in times of pandemic, are in conflict with civil society, in all neighborhoods. of the city”. The sheets that appeared in the city to remember the journalist and speaker of Radio Aut murdered by the mafia, in Cinisi, on 9 May 1978, are many more, from Zen to Cep in BallarĂ².

“The human, cultural and political story of Peppino Impastato still represents – continues the mayor – a model and is fortunately a model for many Sicilians, young and old. Peppino has represented and with his life testified to the importance culture as a nonviolent ‘weapon’ against the mafia and against any collusion between political power, business and criminal powers “. Dozens and dozens of mayors have responded to the appeal made by the mayor of Cinisi Giangiacomo Palazzolo. From Luigi De Magistris, mayor of Naples, to Dario Nardella, mayor of Florence, many wanted to pay homage to Impastato by photographing themselves holding a white sign that shows on one of his most famous phrases: “The mafia is a mountain of shit”.

Even the former Prime Minister Conte dedicated a thought to Impastato on social media: “The life of Peppino Impastato – he writes on Facebook – is a story of courage and rebellion: an open, lucid and provocative challenge against the mafia mentality, which, through blackmail, devoid of dignity, it weakens the mind, kills dreams and hopes before suppressing lives. Our national community exhibits, at times, weaknesses. It stumbles over some frailties that we struggle to overcome. But our strength is that the overwhelming majority of Italians recognize themselves in these examples of life, they appreciate these projects, these souls that continue to nourish our civic sense, our political and social commitment. They prepare us for a new spring in Italy “.

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