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At Bar Sicilia the aspiring mayor Franco Miceli designs his Palermo CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

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He is the candidate for mayor of the progressive area in Palermo Franco Miceli the guest of the episode number 196 of Sicily Bar.
The President of the Order of Architects spoke with the director in charge of Manlio Melluso and with the editorial director Maurizio Scaglione about the future of the city in the event of an election, about the legacy that Leoluca Orlando leaves behind, about relations with the ‘bushes’ of the progressive area who at the moment have chosen to run on their own and much more.

First of all, it is necessary to answer the usual question to all the candidates for mayor: why take the field?The city has so many problems to face and solve.
My candidacy, which was offered to me by a wide array of progressive forces, has a bit of this meaning, that is to try to bring into the field realities and skills and knowledge that must be developed together with the actors and protagonists who in this city have operated and continue to operate and that certainly need to field ideas and proposals, but not only: also solutions
They had to struggle to convince me – underlines Miceli –, in the end they made it.
There are possibilities for a project that looks to the future of the city of Palermo “
what the mayoral candidate calls the ‘Pact for Palermo’.

Whoever it is, the future mayor will inherit the legacy of Leoluca Orlandoafter decades in which the Professor was the undisputed protagonist of the political history of the capital: “The Orlando experience cannot be narrowed down to the last few years, but it concerns many decades of the city – comments Miceli – Orlando will remain in the history of Palermo not only as the longest-lived mayor, but the one who was able to ferry the city from a situation, that is to say, very compressed to a more national and international dimension, bringing out some important and identity values ​​of the city in a context much wider.
What is it that I would save from the Orlando experience? Precisely this, his ability to have placed at the center of the life of the city a series of values ​​that were previously very faded, the values ​​of rights, citizenship, hospitality that are important values ​​that I think we must continue to maintain.
Then the vision must be combined with concrete acts of government.
Many things need to be reviewed on the concreteness of the vision to be given to the city

A joke about the technical nature of your candidacy and the gender representation that will eventually be present in your council: “I am not part of any political force, mine is a candidacy that comes from the world of civil society.
I am an architect and as such I can contribute to building a different idea of ​​the city, which is not just an idea but a perspective for the realization of concrete things.
My candidacy is offered by civil society to the coalition and this also gives me great margins of autonomy, I want to say: I will try not to be influenced by the political system and by any coalition.
I will fight for my autonomy to be preserved.
As far as gender equality is concerned, I have great esteem for the model that sees an important role for women in government, at all levels.
I believe this principle is important, which is linked to the quality of people and not by reason of arid percentages but to value women by reason of the qualities that they themselves express.

At the moment Miceli’s candidacy is supported by the Democratic Party, the Civic Left and Ecologist, the M5s and some civic movements, but the candidate does not rule out the possibility of dialogue with others who at the moment have decided to run on their own, such as Davide Faraone, Rita Barbera or Fabrizio Ferrandelli, or with those who have yet to express themselves, such as Mariangela Di Gangi of Faciamo Palermo: “Out of my logic to tackle the issue in terms of equilibrium or relations between political forces, I start from problems – explains Miceli – We launched this idea of ​​the Pact for Palermo, a pact for which the national government is told: ‘Palermo has a project and we represent it to you, a credible program and we believe that the city must have the resources and economic potential to implement it and exit financial crisis in which the Municipality finds itself ‘.
We put this pact at the center of the political debate, and we do it with the city and with the progressive forces of which Faraone, Italia Viva, Ferrandelli and others are certainly part.
I make a phone call to everyone, I am for dialogue and discussion, but I am not so interested in telephone agreements, as in converging on the program and on this strong idea of ​​the Pact for Palermo

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