Asu precarious against the 10 million cut for stabilization, three days of sit in front of the Ars

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 16:47

Share The “excerpt” bill is expected tomorrow in the courtroom at Palazzo dei Normanni, which contains some of the rules eliminated by the last regional budget to be approved at a later time. The Ars Budget Committee should finish work on the text already in the morning to allow regional parliamentarians to begin discussing it in the afternoon. As always, articles and amendments wanted by parliamentarians will be added to the content transmitted by the government. It seems certain, at the moment, that action will be taken on the rule concerning the stabilization of the 4,571 precarious Asu in Sicily. In particular, having been the norm challenged by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the government’s intention would be to release the 10 million euros to allocate them to other chapters of the budget. To make their voices heard, the Asu workers, coming from various parts of the island, will gather in sit-in for three days, from Tuesday 28 to Thursday 30 September, from 15 to 20, in Parliament Square. “The cut in funds intended for the stabilization of over 4,500 workers and, consequently, the failure to integrate their weekly hours would be a catastrophe. We are talking about people who in these 25 years of absolute precariousness have guaranteed the bodies and structures where they have served a job of proven responsibility, with ridiculous subsidies, even amounting to 590 euros per month “, says the regional parliamentarian of Forza Italia, Daniela Ternullo. “Since I am on the side of Sicilian precarious workers – adds Vincenzo Figuccia, regional deputy of the Lega and provincial commissioner of the party – I will oppose in the Chamber the desire to cut the funds necessary for the stabilization of the Asu and I hope that the regional government will continue to maintain open negotiations with Rome to overcome the challenge “. Therefore, the already fragile majority of the regional government is shaking. The request is not to take a step back, at least from an economic-financial point of view, by reducing or canceling the resources available for stabilization. While, on the political side, the appeal to the regional councilor for Labor, Antonio Scavone, is to continue to confront Rome to find a solution to the challenge. After a first communication in June, in recent days Scavone wrote again to the national government to restart “the formal dialogue that allows the identification of shared regulatory and administrative paths” to achieve the stabilization of these workers. “Enough with the hypocrisy, the Musumeci government has the intellectual honesty to tell the Asu that it has no intention of stabilizing them, instead of continuing to make fun of them, as politics has always done with precarious workers, used as electoral ATMs – M5S deputies Giovanni Di Caro, vice president of the Ars Labor commission, and Nuccio Di Paola attacked from the opposition benches. If the government had really wanted to show interest in the Asu, not only would it have fought to defend Article 36 wanted by the 5th commission, but it would not have thought in the slightest of plundering it as it is about to do, and would have used, for example, the 10 million euro for a wage supplement for these workers. Which is what we ask for. The government does not turn a deaf ear “.

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