Asu employees stabilization, no place to proceed for Tranchida

The Gup of Trapani Roberta Nodari has established the non-place to proceed for the mayor of Trapani Giacomo Tranchida, for the former mayor of Favignana Giuseppe Pagoto, for the former commander of the Egyptian municipal police Filippo Oliveri and for the municipal officials Patrizia Salerno, Vincenzo Barone and Leonardo Di Benedetto. Asu employees, which emerged as part of the operation called the Finance fuardia “Aegades” culminating in the arrest for corruption of the first citizen of the Egadi Pagoto who ended up under house arrest with the then commander of the municipal police Filippo Oliveri and an employee of a shipping company in Naples. For the accusation, the workers would have passed through the Municipality of Erice, at the time in which the mayor was Tranchida, in Favignana, stabilized under the control of the Municipality of the Egadi with a series of ad hoc changes to the three-year plan for staff needs, then destined to transit to the Municipality of Trapani, where in the meantime Tranchida had been elected mayor.
The judge, however, ordered the indictment of the former mayor Pagoto and the then head of the sector in the Egyptian administration Leonardo Di Benedetto for the stabilization of some employees in the Marine Protected Area.

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