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The lawyer of the Turiaco family wrote to the European health authorities and to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to ask for a suspension to subjects under 60 years of age.

Following the latest events, the death of Professor Augusta Turiaco, the family lawyer, Daniela Agnello filed with the Public Prosecutor and the national and international health authorities the request for immediate precautionary suspension of the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine for subjects under the age of at 60.

The request

Here is the text: The ominous event that hit the prof. Turiaco, as well as all other lethal events and the very serious injuries that occurred in very close temporal correlation with vaccine inoculation, require the issuance of an immediate measure.

No previous pathologies

Following the autopsy, the consultants of the party, Prof. Daniela Sapienza, coroner, Prof. Guido Ferlazzo, immunologist and Prof. Andrea Alonci, haematologist highlighted that “from the clinical documentation acquired and from the macroscopic cadaveric examination, it is possible to confirm the clinical laboratory diagnostic hypothesis that excludes pre-existing pathologies that may have played a significant role in the determinism of polydistrict thrombosis “.

In Europe

France banned the vaccine under 55 years of age, the Denmark, Norway and Sweden have suspended the administration of the vaccine, Germany has suspended administration by raising the age to 60 as a precaution. The Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), in the meeting of 18 March 2021, confirmed the favorable benefit / risk ratio of the AstraZeneca anti-Covid19 vaccine but did not specify the benefit / risk ratio for the 30/60 age groups.

Aifa and Ema

L’AIFA, in coordination with the EMA and other European countries, has announced that it will evaluate all events that have been reported following vaccination and that it will review adverse thromboembolic events
occurred with the COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca, but to date it has not disseminated the assessments made and in the meantime, further unfortunate events could occur in people under the age of 60.

In full compliance with the vaccination campaign and in the interest of health as a fundamental right of the individual and collective interest, the Turiaco family asks for clarity and answers to the doubts raised, but above all the administration of a safe vaccine.

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