Astonishing substance, theft of diesel and parts of mopeds in the Aeolian Islands: 2 reported

Still thefts of fuel and moped parts and use of prohibited substances. New operation by the military of the weapon in the Aeolian Islands with 2 people indicted and 3 young people reported as drug users. Also raised different violations of the highway code.
The islanders were found in possession of small quantities of prohibited substances such as marijuana, crack and coke held for personal use.
During the patrolling actions, in Lipari, the soldiers of the Arma also deferred in a state of freedom for aggravated theft in competition, 2 residents, surprised while they were disassembling parts of a moped, parked in a public street, also removing the fuel from the tank.
In Vulcano and Stromboli, 3 people were fined for violating the procedures of the mayor of the Municipality of Lipari Riccardo Gullo which, following the active volcanic phenomena, regulate access to visitors and excursionists.
Overall, 40 vehicles, 4 boats and over 70 people were checked, with various violations of the highway code being contested, in particular sanctioning behaviors that put pedestrians and motorists at serious risk, such as failure to use helmets and using a cell phone while driving.