Assistance for the elderly and disabled, assets seized from an entrepreneur in Agrigento

The Anti-Mafia Investigative Directorate, at the disposal of the Agrigento prosecutor, Salvatore Vella, and the prosecutor Gloria Andreoli, carried out a seizure of assets against an entrepreneur from Agrigento, active in the sector of assistance to the elderly and disabled, investigated for embezzlement and auto recycling. The economic-financial investigation through the analysis of accounting records, company books, handling of financial reports, as well as copious other documentary material, has allowed us to reconstruct how the entrepreneur has managed over time to reuse the money from the illicit activity that arose. from the management of a non-profit cooperative company. Seals to ten properties and two bank current accounts, for a total value of 750 thousand euros. Details of the investigation in a press conference in the Agrigento Public Prosecutor’s Office at 11 am.

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