Assets worth over 270,000 euros seized from a member of the Barcelona Mafia

The Carabinieri of the ROS have implemented a seizure order issued by the Court of Messina, at the request of the district anti-mafia prosecutor’s office, against Salvatore Calcò Labruzzo, a member of the Barcellonese mafia family. Labruzzo, who was involved in the trial resulting from the “Gotha” operation on the Messina mafia that dismantled the Barcellonese mafia group, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for mafia association, murders, and extortion. The seizure, aimed at potential future asset confiscation, targeted a multi-story villa of over 200 square meters and numerous land parcels registered in the land registry of Francavilla di Sicilia, with an estimated total value of over 270,000 euros.

Sequestrati beni per oltre 270 mila euro a un esponente della mafia barcellonese

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