Assets seized from the mafia An accountant was arrested

PALERMO – The judicial administrator, the son of the mafia boss and his partner end up under arrest.

The Palermo Dda is a delicate investigation which reveals a new case of bad management of assets seized from the mafia. The blitz of the Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate of Palermo and Trapani involves Maurizio Lipani (under house arrest), a well-known Palermo professional in the judiciary sector, Epifanio Agate (prison) and his partner Rachele Francaviglia (house arrest).

These last two were reached last year by a seizure order decided by the prevention measures section of the court of Trapani: their companies would have been financed with the money of the former chief of the mandate Mariano Agate.

Now the surveys coordinated by the Palermo prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi, from the added Paolo …

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