Assessor Pennino: “More controls on managing food parcel distribution but don’t lose trust”

More controls among the associations affiliated to Banco Alimentare but also to Caritas and Banco delle opere di Carità, because assistance to those in need must be genuine and disinterested. The municipal assessor for Social Activities, Rosi Pennino, promises thorough checks on the lists of families using the service and on the management of the organizations affiliated to the Foundation. The aim is to increase controls while not stopping these aids which are essential for many people. The focus is also on managing Banco Alimentare more closely, especially in vigilance to ensure full respect for the rules. President of the Social Activities council commission, Salvo Imperiale, proposes the opening of a desk, managed by the Municipality in collaboration with third sector organizations, to help not only those with an Isee below six thousand euros, but also those who may have a home and a job but struggle to afford groceries every week due to high expenses. There are new poor people who have recently lost their jobs, with no access to aids. They also need help. Despite cases of misuse in aid distribution, it’s important to recognize the tireless work of many volunteers helping those who can’t manage on their own.

L’assessore Pennino: «Più controlli sulla gestione della distribuzione dei pacchi spesa ma non bisogna perdere la fiducia»

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