Assaults, baby gangs, the country adrift

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We hope it will also be an example for attackers of uniformed personnel and helping professionals.

Assaults, baby gangs, the country adrift.
Romano (SIULP): “Palermo Police Headquarters answered well”

“We applaud the work carried out by the colleagues of the Palermo police headquarters in identifying the members of the gang that consumed violent and gratuitous attacks during the nightlife of the Sicilian capital.
We appreciate the decision of the Judicial Authority, and for this we thank, with which it has issued precautionary measures to stop behaviors, which are increasingly widespread and violent, implemented without reasons by those who are now convinced that they can enjoy total impunity.
More and more often we see behaviors, such as those object of the investigations carried out in Palermo, carried out by young people, especially when they are grouped in what is commonly called “the herd”, to the detriment of unfortunates on duty.

A drift that, due to the lack of immediate and certain answers from the State, has reached extremely worrying levels to the point that now in our country there is an attack every three hours even to the detriment of uniformed personnel called to guarantee the public order and safety.

A phenomenon that, in addition to being transversal and rampant, just think that it affects the whole of our peninsula and all social classes, as demonstrated by the events in Rimini which in the month of June alone recorded 11 injured policemen with a prognosis of up to 50 days and vehicles.
seriously damaged, has become a real emergency that requires certain, immediate responses such as those identified by the Palermo GA.
A plague that if verified on all helping professionals (such as doctors, nurses, professors, taxi drivers, bus and taxi drivers and train controllers) records an attack every 3 minutes with an increasingly dangerous escalation of violence.

A phenomenon that requires a certain, immediate and deterrent response, even with specific rules, which makes it clear that behind every woman and every man who wears a uniform or performs a function of public service or public utility there is the State and that himself intervenes to protect them.
Thus in a note Felice ROMANO Secretary General of SIULP, the first trade union of the security and defense sector that has long raised the alarm on the deviant and dangerousness of these attacks, comments on the outcome of the investigations of the Palermo police headquarters and of the measures issued by the local AG recalling the many, too many attacks that even the policemen suffer.

We have reached a point of no return, stresses Romano, that we need immediate answers from the executive, concrete and certain if we want our streets to no longer be the scene of violence and gratuitous aggression just because there is the erroneous widespread belief of total impunity as a result of the judicial process which today takes too long.
By now it seems that the State, in all its expressions, no longer has any authority for these violent people who feel free to act as they believe, ignoring and violating every rule, as well as the civil behavior that everyone should have in respect of democracy and the freedoms of others.
, only because they are convinced that nothing happens a lot and nobody stops them.

The “war bulletin” of Rimini, the violence recorded in Palermo as in the Veneto, in Lombardy and in many other regions, together with the emblematic case of the young man who in the Neapolitan area hits a carabiniere in the face of public order for the sole taste of verify what the reaction would have been, for him none since everything ended only with a complaint on the loose, I am the thermometer that the behavioral degeneration of these characters has reached a level of red alert that requires a firm and immediate response .
The cases of doctors or nurses who no longer want to go to work because they are subjected to violence by hospital patrons on a daily basis are emblematic of the gravity of the situation and the widespread lack of respect for the state and those who represent it.

We have even launched a collection of signatures for a popular initiative law to draw the attention of the government and Parliament to the gravity of the situation and to the need to intervene in defense of the state, its integrity and authority, for the defense of women and men.
who serve and represent him.
But this initiative of ours could be delayed in relation to the gravity of the phenomenon, to the urgency of giving you an immediate and decisive answer.
Since only the intervention of the Government and the legislator can give the necessary urgent and fruitful solution that this emergency needs.

This is why, concludes the leader of the SIULP, this question will also be at the center of our debate at the ninth national congress to be held in Rome starting from 11 July in the presence of the Secretary General of the CISL Luigi Sbarra, of the Ministers Renato Brunetta, Mariastella Gelmini and Luciana Lamorgese, of the Undersecretary of State to the Prime Minister with responsibility for security Prefect Franco Gabrielli and of the one to the Ministry of the Interior Nicola Molteni, in addition to the numerous parliamentarians and the Chief of Police – Director General of the PS Prefect Lamberto GIANNINI and all the insiders.
We hope that with this initiative, by putting together all the excellences operating in the field of safety or the segments necessary for it, we will be able to have new and appropriate legislative instruments that protect citizens and the operators themselves responsible for guaranteeing safety by restoring dignity to the work we do.
and authority to the State that we are honored to represent.

Palermo with its historic center devoured by the stalls of non-EU citizens.
There is no room for pedestrians either.
The kids whiz at full throttle with bikes, mopeds and scooters.
Where is the control? And what good is the control if the day everything returns as always.

Orlando, as Mayor, was bankrupt on this front, in fact he didn’t care at all, cocks of the Palermitans.

From Lagalla we expect a lot, really a lot.
It must be uncompromising on rules and legality.
These situations of widespread illegality feed and consolidate criminal organizations and mafias.

Photo of a typical day in the historic center of Palermo

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