Assault on tobacco van in Palermo, order for two

(ANSA) – PALERMO, NOVEMBER 29 – A 34-year-old was arrested by the police, in execution of a precautionary custody order, for a robbery committed in Palermo on September 8 of a van carrying tobacco products. A second suspect, aged 38, was notified of the measure in prison where he was already detained for another cause. The investigations of the Crimes against the assets section of the flying squad were launched after the coup in via Simone Gulì where a vehicle of a company responsible for the distribution of processed tobacco in the city was unloading some packages of cigarettes near a resale. According to the indictment, the two suspects, disguised by masks and hats, arrived on two electric bikes, had threatened the employees with death, making it clear that they were armed with a pistol and had taken 4 boxes of cigarettes, then placed them in garbage containers distant.

Taking advantage of the presence of an accomplice – investigated in a state of freedom for royal aiding and abetting – who had taken care of supervising the stolen goods, the two quickly proceeded to change clothes. One of the two had even taken the precaution of trimming his thick beard and, shortly after, both would return with a more convenient means of retrieving the hidden cigarettes. At this juncture, however, a third party aboard a bee had attempted to take away the boxes hidden inside the bins but the accomplice with “supervision” duties would have worked vigorously to make him desist. The stolen cigarettes, resold on the market, could have reached a commercial value close to 10,000 euros. The investigations were conducted through the painstaking vision of the video surveillance systems present in that area and by other main judicial police activities, as well as by wiretapping. .