Aspiring carabiniere excluded from the competition for enrollment, the TAR condemns the weapon twice

Editorial team 04 September 2021 10:02

He would have tried to enlist in the carabinieri by participating in a competition but would have been wrongly excluded. This is a 23-year-old boy from Alessandria della Rocca who filed an appeal with the TAR under the patronage of the lawyers Girolamo Rubino and Daniele Piazza. The young man would have been excluded from the competition for enrollment due to an alleged diagnosis of “bilateral valgus knee”. After evaluating the health certifications produced by the lawyers and certifying the existence of the requisites for enrollment in the Carabinieri, the Lazio TAR thus arranged a check, in contradiction between the parties, assigning the task to the Health Commission of Appeal of the Air Force which, after having again subjected the young aspiring carabiniere to an accurate specialist consultancy, actually has the wrongness of the assessment made by the Carabinieri Recruiting Center. The TAR therefore accepted the appeal, annulling both the judgment of unsuitability and the ranking of merit of the competition, condemning the Arma to pay the judicial and verification costs. However, the Arma dei Carabinieri would not then spontaneously execute the Tar sentence and therefore, the young man from Alessandria della Rocca was forced to take legal action again to obtain the execution of the acceptance sentence. Following the proposition of the new judgment, the Arma thus executed the sentence by summoning the young person for the further competition procedure declaring him finally suitable. Finally, the TAR, having fully satisfied the interest deducted in the court, declared the termination of the matter of the dispute, again condemning the Carabinieri to pay the judicial costs.

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