ASP: With Barrafranca, proximity vaccination of over 80s started in ten municipalities

The proximity vaccination reserved for over 80s is in full swing, which was launched today, Monday 26 April 2021, by the CompanyBarrafranca Provincial Healthcare of Enna and which will be built, over the course of the week, in ten Municipalities of Enna.

In Barrafranca, a populous urban center in the southern area of ​​the Province of Enna, 120 elderly people over 80 will be vaccinated until the afternoon.

The first to be vaccinated today was a 100-year-old lady who went to the Barrese Clinic, welcomed with enthusiasm by health workers. The initiative, agreed with the Municipality, sees the active involvement of Civil Protection volunteers that are ensuring the withdrawal is the escorting of the over eighty that yes. I am booked.

The vaccination team, coordinated by Dr. Luisa Longo, will start vaccination at home tomorrow for the elderly in Barrafranca who are bedridden due to their health conditions.

“We believe it is our duty – underlines the General Manager, Dr. Francesco Iudica – to favor the opportunity access to vaccination to the category that, with more difficulty than any other, can reach the vaccination sites we have placed in the four hospitals business. For this reason we have planned one Proximity vaccination only for the category of over eighty, and with Pfizer vaccine, in municipalities, except in those that are home to vaccination hubs or in Which we have already, Why declared area red, carried out such typology of vaccination. The programming criterion used provides that all municipalities are served in just one week, for all day for those with populations over 5,000 inhabitants and for half a day for those with populations inferior to such roof. In all the Common they will be present two doctors, one of which an anesthetist, and three nurses who will proceed with the vaccination in the headquarters identified “

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