ASP: State school operators can book COVID vaccination

Many teachers who are booking the vaccine in our province. Since yesterday afternoon, the operators of state schools, under 55VACCINATION teachers years of age, can book the administration of the vaccine against COVID following the same procedures as for those over 80: toll-free number 800 009966 or online booking on the booking, also reachable through the dedicated portal by the Regional Health Department to citizens in the context of the Coronavirus emergency.

On the website it is possible to connect to the Poste Italiane platform to book the administration of the vaccine, download the forms required at the time of vaccination and have correct and updated information based on the evolution of the pandemic and the services activated in reference to the bands. of population foreseen in the chronoprogram of the vaccination campaign.

Regarding the vaccination of school staff, the dedicated page offers the following information:

“Citizens aged 55 or under who serve in Sicilian state schools, currently included in the lists provided to the Sicilian Region by the competent Ministries, can book the anti Covid-19 vaccine.

For the reservation it is sufficient the health card and the tax code of the person who intends to get vaccinated.

By booking, you can identify, based on your postcode, the nearest vaccination site and choose the date and time based on availability.

Reservations can also be made through the Call Center by calling the toll-free number 800 00.99.66 active from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 (excluding Saturdays and holidays).

Updates and extensions of the vaccination target will follow for the staff of the entire school world (municipal kindergartens, regional schools, equal schools of all levels, OIF bodies, etc.) up to and including the class of 1956, i.e. for those (excluding extremely vulnerable subjects ) to whom the administration of the Astrazeneca vaccine which, as required by the new national regulations, is extended to citizens aged 18 to 65. “

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