Asp Palermo, via the commissioner management always under the guidance of Daniela Faraoni

Daniela Faraoni took office this morning as extraordinary commissioner of the Asp of Palermo, a company that she led until 31 December as general manager, as decided by the regional council which decided to extend the current managers of the Asp through a commissioner appointment.

The first resolutions adopted by Faraoni concerned the appointment of the administrative director and the medical director. Nora Virga and Francesco Cerrito were respectively confirmed.
Even on New Year’s Day, the ASP structures dedicated to anticovid vaccinations and mass screening for Coronavirus (including drive-in and administration of vaccines at the Fair) worked regularly. In the last week of the year (December 24-31) the ASP carried out 3,441 swabs in its facilities in the city, of which 481 yesterday between Casa del Sole (261), Guadagna (117) and Biondo (103). While maintaining the peculiarity of access in open day mode, users – through registration on the ASP portal – have the option for vaccinations to choose the location, day and time slot of administration.

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