Asp of Syracuse, competition for 99 posts of medical and veterinary manager: applications by 23 January

New competition in the public health. L’Asp of Syracuse has banned 99 permanent positions for medical and veterinary managers. Applications must be submitted by 23 January 2023. The greatest demand concerns admission and emergency medicine and surgery, anesthesia and obstetrics.

In detail, the 99 vacancies concern the following disciplines: 12 twelve positions in Anesthesia and intensive care, 20 in Emergency and Emergency Medicine and Surgery, 2 in Diseases of the respiratory system, 3 in Infectious diseases, 2 in Hematology , 5 in Geriatrics, 5 in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 10 in Psychiatry, 1 in Urology; 1 in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology.

And again, 4 positions in Occupational medicine and safety in the workplace, 1 in the medical management of hospital facilities, 2 in Neurology, 10 in Obstetrics and gynecology, 1 in Otorhinolaryngology and 1 in Radiodiagnostics, while 12 positions are available for the organization of basic health services.

The last positions are divided as follows: 2 in Epidemiology and Public Health Hygiene, 2 for animal health discipline veterinary manager, 1 in Livestock and livestock production hygiene, 2 for veterinary manager Hygiene of production, transformation, marketing, conservation and transport of foods of animal origin and their derivatives.

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