ASP. Molecular swabs emergency / urgency network completed

The molecular swabs emergency / urgency network of the Trapani ASP has been completed. In fact, with the installation in the Pantelleria hospital of an instrument for the execution of “rapid” molecular swabs (results within 90 minutes), all the Clinical Pathology operating units of the local hospitals where there is an Emergency Department rescue (Trapani, Marsala, Alcamo, Castelvetrano, Mazara del Vallo), are now equipped with the necessary instrumentation for the execution of the so-called “rapid” molecular swabs to differentiate them from the classic molecular swabs performed in Real Time PCR. of “rapid” molecular swabs through nasopharyngeal swab, allows to determine the diagnosis of Covid19 in a short time in patients undergoing a first check in the emergency room, in line with the anti-contagion measures provided for by the ordinances of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health of the Sicilian Region.In particular, with the installation of one of these instruments at the Laboratory of the PO of Pantelleria which allows the verification of the test in 90 minutes, the transfer of the samples to the mainland in the facilities of Trapani and Marsala is avoided, and the discomfort of patients related to waiting for the result of the test.Satisfaction expressed by the extraordinary commissioner of the Asp of Trapani, Paolo Zappalà for the daily work carried out by Mariano Lucchese, head of the Clinical Pathology UOC, to define the strengthening of diagnostic services, an indispensable weapon for the fight against the virus.Currently, in fact, all the swabs performed in the province of Trapani (about 500 daily molecular tests) are processed in the two Hub centers of Trapani and Marsala.

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