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“Total inadequacy of the organization”. This is the conclusion reached by the report of the five regional commissioners, Salvatore Scondotto, Francesca Di Guadio, Giuseppe Murolo, Roberto Virzì and finally Stefano Campo, on the Asp of Messina, which led to the start of the forfeiture procedure of the general manager Paolo La Paglia, currently suspended from functions. The 28 pages of the document, published today by There Gazzetta del Sud in the paper edition, show a dramatic photograph on the management of the pandemic in Messina and in the province.

The inspectors concentrated their activities on five macro-themes: 1) Health surveillance and contact tracing management; 2) Laboratory activities; 3) Hospital offer; 4) Human resources; 5) Management of registration of swab results and waste management. Above all, the “rejection” was clear. The report was delivered on December 24, one week after the assignment, so much so that the inspectors highlight “theimpossibility of being able to deepen some topics in greater detail “.

Here is what emerged from the conclusions:

– the ISS surveillance system is fed with delay with inadequate results in terms of quality and completeness with inefficient staffing and organization and non-continuous operating hours, especially on weekends;

– the contents of the Council Circular no. 2/2020 and in particular to the separation and management by team of the various phases of taking charge of cases and contacts and the failure to use recommended IT registration tools;

– no planning and analysis of the needs regarding the execution of the swabs and lack of quality controls in relation to the private contracting laboratories emerge, among other things in the execution of swabs for the Messina ASP;

– the Gecos platform on the availability of Covid beds, is occasionally powered by disregarding the council directives;

– no propulsive activity is shown to use rapid tools that the council directives suggested to fill the staff gaps in order to respect the regional planning in terms of activation of beds.

– effective preparatory activities for the strengthening and recruitment of external personnel are not always found to adequately face the epidemiological emergency and the monitoring and tracing activities of the prevention department.

– data on swabs carried out on the qualitasiciliassr platform are not recorded, in total violation of Directive 40933/2020;

– a serious problem of supply / demand imbalance emerged in relation to the utility and waste collection service which is characterized by the undersizing of the service provided by the specialized company with respect to the real needs of the population of positive subjects “.

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