“Ascertaining responsibility for delays on communication assistance”

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 20:36

Share “It is unacceptable that after months of meetings, laws, allocations and commitments, the school year has begun once again
in a climate of absolute uncertainty for students with disabilities and their families. For this reason today I asked the ARS Health Committee for the Region to extend the task of the inspectors sent to the former Provinces to ascertain the reasons for the failure to implement the guidelines on services, in particular on communication assistance which, where initiated, however, risks be interrupted already in a few weeks “. This was stated by Marianna Caronia, regional deputy of the Lega, after the launch of a regional inspection in the former provinces regarding the implementation of services for high school students with disabilities “. For the exponent of the Carroccio “The slowness and cumbersome bureaucracy cannot become an insurmountable obstacle for students to have implemented their rights or for someone to think they can act in breach of the law”.

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