“As the months go by, hopes for the workers fade”

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 09:21

Share The plan for the Ex Grande Migliore is still stuck and the unions are back to protest, with a sit in front of the Prefecture this morning. In February, the Municipal Council rejected the Prusst, making the relaunch of the department store vanish and the councilor Catania had announced the intention to resubmit the resolution after integrating the “proposal with the arguments necessary to make the deliberative act perfect, both from the point of view from a formal rather than a substantive point of view “. Since then, however, no step has been taken, as reported by Mimma Calabrò, at the helm of the Fisascat Cisl Palermo Trapani: “More than 7 months have passed since the City Council decided to review the decisions taken with the rejection of the additional act to the agreement urban planning stipulated between the Municipality of Palermo and the Migliore Spa and, to date, nothing seems to be moving “. The trade unionist explains that “last year, the first request for an extension of the additional deed presented by the Curatela arrived in the courtroom only 10 months later. We wonder why, on time, months and months must pass before something moves. We must not forget that, day after day, the interest expense claimed by the creditors banks is increasing, consequently reducing the sums deriving from the sale that should satisfy the requests of former employees – he continues – These are thousands and thousands of euros of unpaid salaries for the 269 former Grande Migliore workers who, in addition to no longer having any coverage given by the social safety nets, see the hope that, through the substantial proceeds from the sale of the property, they can recover their due. This is why – explains Calabrò – like Fisascat, we launched the sit in “. The union requests the intervention of the prefect to convene a meeting in the presence of the mayor and the bankruptcy trustee of Grande Migliore in order to clarify the positions of all the parties in the dispute and urges that the issue be addressed by Sala delle Tombidi. “I want to express my full solidarity with the workers of the former Grande Migliore who once again demonstrate today to denounce the state of neglect and not to draw attention to this dramatic story that mortifies them first as people and then as workers”. The municipal councilor M5S Antonino Randazzo intervenes. “The 5 Star Movement – he remembers – voted in favor of the realization of the Great Best area project, which was then rejected by the City Council, confirming a wide lack of political, cultural and social growth on the part of certain council groups, because it was then and it is still clear today that the completion of the works represents the relaunch of that area as a tool for commercial development and for the protection of former workers. , the mayor and the bankruptcy trustee of the Great Best and also unblocking the approval process in the City Council stopped since last May “.

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