Art and solidarity, Kiostr ’@ rt


Event location: Castle La Grua Talamanca of Carini Via Castello

Event date: From 10/08/2019 to 08/11/2019 today and tomorrow

Event cost: Free

From the passion of art a collaboration was born: What’s Art group and Kokalo together gave birth to a charity event: “Kiostr’ @ rt … the Diversarte” that will take place in the weekend Castello La Grua Talamanca of Carini. A cultural event that is not only the art "imprisoned" by the canvases, but dance, music.

Fifteen artists will exhibit their works. Here they are:
Eugenia Affronti
Annita Borino
Barbara Bruca
Rosario Calì
Mariano Di Cristina
Carmen Frisina
Noemi Gizzi
Daniela Marcianò
Nicoletta Militello
Daniela Pisciotta
Cinzia Romano
Tommaso Salemi
Pietro Sanfilippo
Angela Sarzana
Davide Valdesi

There will be three days related to art (today Friday 9 August, tomorrow 10 August and Sunday 11 August) which has a social purpose: the collection of funds for the purchase of musical instruments that will be made available to schools for students who they want to approach the world of music. The first school to benefit from it will be the Laura Lanza di Carini district, through the ArtAccademy local association that will hold the tools to be assigned to the children. Among the exhibitions also "Maredolce", the installation of art garments created and created by the designer Maria Grazia Troia.
On the medieval walls of the Castello di Carini, in the province of Palermo, guests will be welcomed by paintings by the artist Giampaolo De Filippi, a professor of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. Three canvases that represent a series of donkeys: "Scecchischè". Three canvases – metaphors that lend themselves to different interpretations.

Free admission with the possibility of making a donation to local schools.
Here is the program of the event:
Saturday 10 August
show opening at 19:00
8:45 pm art performance by the artists.
art plan … "Listen to me".
21:30 art criticism curated by Sara Vitale and Davide Valdesi.
Sunday 11 August
19:00 opening exhibition
9:00 pm Gospel Holly Light choir
9:45 pm cultural salon curated by Giampaolo De Filippi – professor of painting at the Palermo Academy of Fine Arts.
22:30 awarding ceremony of the winning work and delivery of certificates of participation to the artists.
Final drink.

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