Arsonist from Messina caught setting fire by a licensed policeman

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It was the carabinieri of the Messina Sud Company who arrested a 45-year-old from Messina, already known to the police, for forest fire and resistance to public officials.
All after a soldier from the Messina Giostra station, free from duty, caught an arsonist in the act who had just set the flames in a village in the southern area of ​​the Peloritan capital.

The soldier noticed the man who, after making sure he was not seen by anyone, set fire to some brushwood with a lighter and walked away.
Once the Operations Center of the Carabinieri Provincial Command of Messina was alerted, after a brief chase, the carabiniere was able to block the man despite the fact that he had resisted in an attempt to free himself.

Shortly afterwards, the police from Messina Gazzi Station arrived in support and proceeded to identify the arsonist and recover two lighters used by the same to start the fire.
Therefore, the lighters were seized and the man was arrested.
The flames, clearly visible from the city, affected an area of ​​about 2000 square meters damaging both state-owned and private land before being tamed by the Fire Brigade.
Once the formalities were completed, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, the arrested person was restricted to house arrest while waiting to be tried with a very direct rite.


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