Arsenale at home, Massimino is on trial: nephew's release from prison


This morning, following the direct summons judged by the prosecutor Gloria Andreoli, the arms trial resulted from the arrest of the boss Antonio Massimino, 51 years old from Agrigento, and his nephew Gerlando, who ended up in handcuffs in February after the discovery of a mini-arsenal following a blitz carried out by the soldiers of the Agrigento Provincial Command's weapon in a small villa in Villaggio Mosè.

On that occasion the soldiers of the weapon discovered a 7.65 caliber pistol with a broken serial number and an inserted magazine, two pistol pens, another two hundred ammunition and a frequency detector. On the weapons, fully functional, technical and biological investigations are in progress. Less than a month after the arrest of Massimino and his nephew, the Dia of Agrigento set off the Kerkent blitz with over thirty arrests that saw Antonio Massimino as a key figure.

This morning a postponement for …

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