Ars, parties’ reactions to the removal of the “saving the ineligible” law

After the cancellation of the law that saved ineligible candidates, strong reactions come from the head of the Misto at the Ars, Gianfranco Miccichè. “In the Assembly they have lost their minds, they have been meeting for four hours because they are ashamed to give money to the Municipalities. They are trying to hide, they want to create funds to which to entrust resources and lists of Municipalities without writing the amounts. Then the departments will decide. But it is not clear on what criteria they will then allocate the funds. Not only that. Before these funds reach the departments, at least fifteen days will pass, I remind you that the Municipalities must make budget changes by the end of November. It’s chaos created by some assessor”. The head of the group adds: “It’s an absurd situation. It’s right to give funds to the Municipalities and there is someone who is ashamed. We have been in the Assembly since this morning, the session has never started, postponed twice”. The press office of the Pd parliamentary group at the Ars, regarding the examination of the corrective measure underway at the Palazzo dei Normanni, declares: “From the beginning of the examination of this maxi-amendment, we had said that it was crucial for us to cancel the clause that saved ineligible candidates and some spending rules that were real electoral bounties. Now that all this has been withdrawn, we have returned to discuss the text. Everything depends on what will emerge from the examination of the chamber”.

Ars, le reazioni dei partiti dopo lo stralcio della legge salva-ineleggibili

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