Ars anti-mafia commission, Gennuso under investigation but appointed vice president. It’s confrontation

Born recently, very little time, stuff of a few days, and already the new anti-mafia commission is overwhelmed by controversy. The reason? The appointment of Riccardo Gennuso as vice president is not liked by many. The 31-year-old forzista from Rosolini, son of “Pippo” Gennuso, is in fact currently under investigation for extortion. A nomination defined as “incompatible” by many of his detractors and the controversies mount more every hour.

“The news reported by some national press organs concerning the judicial “troubles” of the newly elected vice president of the regional parliamentary commission of inquiry and supervision on the phenomenon of the mafia and corruption in Sicily, Riccardo Gennuso, is more than enough reason to demand his immediate resignation from the aforementioned body set up by the ARS – thunders the association to honor the memory of the fallen mafia -. The Association that honors the memory of the fallen in the fight against the mafia, believes that the Regional Anti-Mafia Commission does not can start his own business pretending nothing happened, especially now that public opinion seems to be convinced, on the basis of current legislation, of its low incidence and usefulness in the social, institutional and administrative reality of the island. absolute silence of all the majority and opposition political forces regarding the serious news circulating or on the account of Gennuso father (already deputy to Ars) and his newly elected son. And again: do the President of Ars and the President of the Region have absolutely nothing to say about the Gennuso case? And finally: what happened to the salacious, censorious and lambasting indignation of the other vice president of the Commission and former television “hyena”, engaged, in the recent past, in denouncing malpractice and wrongdoings of all kinds?”

As if that weren’t enough, the other designated vice-president of the commission, Ismaele La Vardera, the leading name of Cateno De Luca’s party, took part. “The vice president of the Sicilian Antimafia, Riccardo Gennuso, is on trial for extortion and must take a step back. I won’t go into the merits of the accusation against Riccardo Gennuso, because I will never be an executioner or a criminal, I know that up to the last degree of judgment is innocent. However, I don’t think it takes much to understand that in this way we risk not being a credible body to those who look at us from the outside” – says La Vardera -. I can’t believe he adds – why the majority allowed something like this to happen by voting for him as vice president”.

In a photo you can see the two deputies with the new president Antonello Cracolici in the middle: yesterday they had gone to some symbolic places of memory and the fight against the mafia, as the first act of their settlement: the tombstones in memory of Piersanti Mattarella and Pio La Torre and the monument to the fallen in the fight against the mafia in Piazza XIII Victims.

«Riccardo is the son of ex-deputy Pippo who, not being able to stand as a candidate for a sentence in the first instance at the moment – adds La Vardera – has passed on the scepter to his son. The faults of the fathers may not befall his children, ever. However, this picture should have forced Riccardo’s common sense to clarify his positions in the courts and also get elected head of the moon, but avoid becoming vice president of the anti-mafia commission. This is why I ask for a step back, legitimate and sacrosanct”.

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