Arrests made in Villa Robbery and Kidnapping: Culprits caught through distraction

Four people have been arrested by the police in Syracuse for a violent villa robbery and kidnapping that took place in the Fanusa Arenella area last January. The arrest warrant was issued by the judge of the Court of Syracuse, upon request of the prosecution, against three individuals from Catania and one from Syracuse, who are believed to be responsible for the crime. The robbers, armed and with their faces covered, attacked the people present in the house – the owner’s son and his girlfriend – tying them up with plastic ties and gagging them with duct tape. The criminals threatened them with weapons and knives to reveal the location of money and jewelry. After ransacking the house, the robbers took valuable items and a large safe, loading it into the car before fleeing. The victims managed to free themselves and alert the police, who intercepted the robbers’ car shortly after. This led to a chase that ended at a boatyard, where the criminals, feeling pursued, fled on foot, abandoning the car with the safe. During the chaotic escape, one of the robbers left behind a ski mask and gloves, which allowed investigators to identify him through DNA and subsequently locate the other accomplices. The intervention of the police resulted in the recovery of the stolen items and the return of the stolen car to its owner.

Rapina con sequestro in una villa, quattro arresti a Siracusa: incastrati dalla distrazione

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