Arrests in Trapani Mafia families: Ex official reveals deals leading to the raid

During the operation Scialandro, 17 people were arrested and 4 placed under house arrest in Custonaci, Valderice, and Trapani. An investigation revealed alleged connections between former Deputy Mayor Carlo Guarano and local Mafia clans, supported by intercepted conversations and revelations from another former official. The investigation showed that Guarano oversaw the illegal distribution of food vouchers to individuals linked to the Mafia, as well as advocating for the employment of Mafia member Giuseppe Costa in a municipal construction project. Costa, who was previously convicted for his involvement in the kidnapping and murder of a child, was later found to have ongoing connections with the Mafia. The investigation also uncovered discussions about business opportunities related to a supermarket and waste management in the region.

Gli arresti nelle famiglie mafiose trapanesi: un ex assessore di Custonaci svelò gli affari che hanno portato al blitz

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