Arrests in Gela brawl, prosecutor: “Surveillance cameras crucial”

The acting prosecutor of Gela, Lucia Musti, reassured the honest citizens living within the law that the prosecution is doing its job, working with the judicial police and utilizing surveillance cameras, to investigate and hold accountable those involved in the recent violent incidents in Gela. The use of video footage has been crucial in reconstructing the events and identifying individual responsibilities. The seriousness of the crimes, including attempted murder, were recognized by the judge. The recent shooting in the center of Gela is also under investigation by the anti-mafia district directorate in Caltanissetta. Musti emphasized the importance of everyone’s efforts in maintaining law and order, not only from the prosecution and law enforcement, but also from the citizens themselves.

Gli arresti per la rissa di Gela, il procuratore: «Le telecamere di videosorveglianza si sono rivelate fondamentali»

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