Arrests for mafia in Palermo and extortion demands: “I have two prisoners, I need to get them money”

Explain it briefly for me:

The article talks about the arrest of Paolo Suleman, who had recently returned to taking care of the family’s mafia business after serving an eight-year sentence. He was arrested along with Rosario Lo Nardo and Giuseppe Marano. Suleman was the new leader of the clan after the arrest of Filippo Annatelli. The article mentions conversations intercepted by the carabinieri where Suleman discussed his role in the mafia family. The investigation also revealed the extortion methods used by the group, with Suleman indicating which businesses to target for protection money and Lo Nardo enforcing the payments with threats of violence. Marano, who was known in the area, was also involved in the extortion scheme. Despite some disagreements on the approach, the group maintained their loyalty to the Mafia.

Gli arresti per mafia a Palermo e le richieste di pizzo: «Ho due carcerati, devo fargli avere i picciuli»

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