Arrested Palermo man attempted jewelry store robbery in Menfi

Armed robbery attempt at the Campo jewelry store in Menfi. The carabinieri immediately intervened and arrested the robber. Tremendous fear tonight in Menfi, at Campo jewelry store on Inico street, when a man entered and pointed a gun at an employee. A patrol from the Menfi carabinieri station was patrolling the area due to recent robberies in the Belice Valley. They noticed what was happening and intervened by apprehending the robber. The man was taken to the local Menfi carabinieri station and placed under arrest. Fear for owner Leonardo Campo and employees, who were already victims of a major robbery last July. Three robbers entered the jewelry store, tied them up with zip ties, and stole watches and precious jewelry worth a total of 800,000 euros. Two weeks ago, another robbery in Sambuca di Sicilia went awry as the owner, Girolamo Lo Giudice, successfully defended himself, forcing the robbers to flee. Now, it remains to be seen if these robberies in recent months are linked. The robber is a criminal from the province of Palermo.

Tentata rapina in gioielleria a Menfi, palermitano in trasferta arrestato dai carabinieri

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