arrested a 33 year old in the Catania area

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SAN PIETRO CLARENZA – THE carabinieri of the Station of Camporotondo Etneo they have arrested committing a crime a 33 years old from Misterbianco as a serious suspect of mistreatment in family and beatings.

In the late evening of June 20, the military intervened in San Pietro Clarenza following a request for help, received through the 112by a woman who reported having been attacked by her husband.
Arriving at the place indicated, the carabinieri learned from the woman that shortly before her, together with her husband and three minor childrenthey had left the house for a walk in the car but on the way the two spouses would have started to argue animatedly.

The subject of the discussion would have been the conflictual relationship between the woman and the mother in lawwhich would have aroused a sudden in the 33-year-old fit of anger which would have initially led him to hit the dashboard of the vehicle with several punches, and then later take it out on his wife, hit with a fist at the height of the nose.
The woman, who still showed signs of the attack on her face when the carabinieri arrived, told them that she was frequently physical and verbal assaultsnever reported, by her husband since 2017year of marriage.

The episodes of violence, mostly consumed within the home and in most cases in the presence of children, even during pregnancies, have even recently resulted in death threats from her husband.

The judicial authority, at the outcome of the validation hearing, ordered the man to be subjected to the no approach to the victim within i 300 meters away and applying the electronic bracelet in another house.

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