Arrest of two extortionists reported as Giarre faces pizzo in construction sites

The carabinieri of the Giarre company have arrested two extortionists who had demanded protection money and threatened two construction entrepreneurs and the site manager of a company engaged in renovation work on some buildings. The suspects are Massimo Messina, 51, and Carmelo Pollicina, 61. The military officers executed a pretrial detention order issued by the judge, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office of Catania, which hypothesizes the crimes of extortion and robbery in gang and aggravated by mafia methods. The investigations were initiated after the victims filed a complaint. There are three incidents attributed to the two suspects who, last June, went to the construction site with the pretext of looking for work, but then made a veiled extortion demand by asking if the company had insurance coverage. The arrested individuals allegedly returned to the site two more times in the following days, and during the last interaction, one of them explicitly made a threat: “Do you know what?! Next Monday, we won’t even let you arrive! We’ll stop you and set fire to your vans!” The suspects were identified through the investigations of the carabinieri and then recognized by the victims. After being notified of the restrictive measure, they were taken to prison.

Giarre, pizzo nei cantieri edili ma gli imprenditori denunciano: arrestati due estorsori

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