Arrest made at Elettra Lamborghini concert as teenager uses pepper spray

A fight broke out after the concert of Elettra Lamborghini in San Leone, a seaside town in Agrigento. An eighteen-year-old boy sprayed pepper spray at the police officers who were trying to calm the situation and at the people in the square. The boy, from Agrigento, tried to escape after being stopped by the police, who were maintaining public order for the Ferragosto event. He was arrested for engaging in a fight, violence, and resisting a public official. The police also accused him of carrying illegal weapons. The fight involved three or four other individuals who are currently being identified. The police, in addition to controlling the concert area, inspected the adjacent square and witnessed the beginning of the brawl. They intervened immediately to prevent anyone from getting hurt. While the officers were trying to calm the situation, the eighteen-year-old sprayed pepper spray at everyone and managed to escape. However, he was chased and immediately apprehended by the police. During his arrest, the officers were verbally attacked by friends and family members of the young man. The reason for the fight is unclear, but the teenager claimed to have asked for a ride, which was denied.

Agrigento, rissa al concerto di Elettra Lamborghini: diciottenne usa lo spray al peperoncino e viene arrestato

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