Arrest in Trapani store: Theft of clothing.

The carabinieri of the mobile section of the Trapani company have arrested a 19-year-old from Trapani, with a previous police record, for theft in a commercial establishment. The military officers, engaged in a routine service, were called to intervene at a commercial activity in the city where the presence of a suspicious person inside the store had been reported. Arriving at the scene, with a detailed description of the individual and the clothing worn, the officers immediately noticed the presence of the 19-year-old intending to leave the establishment cautiously and with a brisk pace. After being stopped and subjected to a personal search, new labeled clothing items were found, which were confirmed to be stolen, with a value of approximately 150 euros, leading to his arrest.

Ruba abbigliamento in un negozio di Trapani, arrestato

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