Arrest in Modica for stalking a woman contacted on social media

Agents from the Police Station of Modica executed a precautionary measure: house arrest for a fifty-one-year-old man, accused of stalking a woman, also violating the measure already imposed on him, the prohibition of approaching and communicating with the victim. The woman had filed a report for threats and unwanted advances received through social media. This situation forced the victim to change her habits and file additional reports due to the man’s persistent and harassing behavior, including stalking her in various occasions, even in the presence of other people. After police investigations, the judicial authority issued a precautionary measure of prohibition of approach, which did not stop the man from continuing to stalk and threaten the woman. Hence the issuance of the precautionary measure of house arrest.

Aggancia una donna sui social, poi la perseguita, a Modica un arresto per stalking

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