Arrest in Messina for Possession of Child Pornographic Material

In the province of Messina, the police arrested a 33-year-old man in the act of possessing child pornography. The investigations were carried out by the Cyber Security Operational Section of the Post Police of the City of the Strait, following a report from the National Center for Combating Online Child Pornography as part of international police cooperation. The man was found to be distributing images of child pornography online, and a large amount of this material was found during a search ordered by the Messina Prosecutor’s Office. Thousands of photos of girls and adolescents taken by the suspect were also found on a file. The Patti Prosecutor’s Office, with jurisdiction over the area, validated the arrest and placed the man under house arrest.

Diffondeva materiale pedopornografico, arrestato nel Messinese

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