Arrest and three charges in Montelepre and Borgetto: drugs, gun, DUI

The carabinieri of the Partinico company, with the canine unit of Palermo Villagrazia, arrested a thirty-year-old and reported three others, aged 21, 29, and 53. The checks were carried out between Montelepre and Borgetto. The 30-year-old man from Montelepre was arrested on charges of drug dealing because he was found in possession of pre-packaged doses of cocaine and hashish. The 21-year-old was reported for carrying a pellet gun similar to a law enforcement weapon and was also reported to the prefecture as a drug user. A third man, aged 53, was reported for driving with a very high alcohol level, 3.4 grams per liter. The limit is 0.5. Finally, the 29-year-old was reported for having a local police signaling paddle in his car. During the checks, fines totaling 4,000 euros were issued, three vehicles were seized, and 2 driving licenses were revoked.

Chi aveva la droga e chi una pistola, chi una paletta dei vigili e chi guidava ubriaco: un arresto e tre denunce fra Montelepre e Borgetto

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