Armed with a knife, they rob a supermarket in via Archimede in Palermo

Robbery at a supermarket in via Archimede in Palermo. Two men with covered faces and armed with knives broke into the shop.

They threatened the owner and took away the proceeds. A shot scored in minutes. Once inside, the two headed for the chest. Under the threat of the knife they had the drawer opened and took the money, about 500 euro, Once outside they apparently fled on foot towards the narrow streets of Borgo Vecchio.

Police officers intervened and collected the trader’s testimonies. It is not clear whether or not there were cameras in the exercise.

The very frightened man told the police what happened. Investigations are underway to trace the perpetrators.

In the last few days a man at four in the morning was robbed in via Maqueda. Also in this case two would have stopped him and under the threat of a knife they had the purse that contained money and the mobile phone delivered. Also in this case the investigations are conducted by the police.

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