Arianna’s Life: From Messina to Miss Italia, the Walkway and Jurisprudence.

At just 17 years old, Arianna Di Bartolo walked the Miss Italy runway in 2021 and made it to the national semi-finals. Two years later, she competed again and won the title of Miss Isola del Sole in a regional round organized by the Sicilian Miss Italy exclusive agent, Salvo Consiglio. This victory secured her spot in the national semi-finals once again. Arianna, a 19-year-old law student from Messina, dreams of becoming a lawyer like her uncle. However, she is also intrigued by a career in the entertainment industry, particularly fashion or television hosting. Participating in Miss Italy has taught her to relate to people differently and she has formed sincere bonds with competitors. Arianna, with her determination and precise attention to detail, sees Miss Italy as much more than a beauty pageant. She reflects back on being the mascot of the event in 2021 when she didn’t even think she would be able to participate but decided to show up anyway. Arianna had to give up her athletic career in gymnastics and volleyball due to a serious knee injury. Through Miss Italy, she discovered the world of fashion and started her modeling career. Though she initially didn’t enjoy being photographed, her perspective has changed through photo shoots and work experiences. Arianna has a soft spot for animals, especially dogs, and enjoys spending her free time with her mother and her boyfriend, Marco. Marco, also known as Marquisslove, is pursuing a career in music while Arianna focuses on fashion. They support and encourage each other in their respective passions and have traveled throughout Sicily together with Arianna’s mother. As they prepare for the next phase of the competition, Arianna emphasizes the importance of sticking with the same team because “a winning team shouldn’t be changed.”

La passerella e giurisprudenza, la vita di Arianna: da Messina in corsa per Miss Italia

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