Ares in the Agesci Sicily scout house: "Vile gestimento"

MINEO – Arson in the roadman's house in the Rocchicella district in Mineo, home of the Agesci Catania scout group 5. The perpetrators reported the facts to the military of the weapon. But in the meantime – as documented by – ​​the sacrifices after years of restructuring and work, the dream of the inauguration has faded.

AGESCI Sicilia tightens around the “Catania 5 Group"For the vile gesture that struck him and sends a clear message to those who set the fire, rendering it totally unusable, to the roadman's house of the former regional Province in the Rocchitella district, in the territory of Mineo, assigned to the scout group eighteen months ago object of works and renovations through funds raised by young people and their families; the structure was to be inaugurated on December 15th.


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