Archeology and tourism: the launch of Mozia between restorations, technology and bike sharing is underway


PALERMO – "Another commitment made by my government which, in less than four months, has been kept". The President of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci, who went to Mozia last September and spoke about the Plan carried out for the revitalization of the Island located in the Stagnone of Marsala, announces that the Sicilian Region, through the superintendence of the Cultural heritage of Trapani, it has just stipulated with the winning company – Ar Arte and restauration – also the contract for the intervention of environmental requalification, archaeological restoration and enhancement of the former Phoenician town. "To these other jobs – explains the governor – we have allocated the resources of the Po Fesr 2014-2020 for over one million and 600 thousand euros".

"Mozia represents a uniqueness of exceptional value in the world panorama of archeology, as a still integral testimony of the Phoenician civilization – Musumeci continues -, but it is also at the same time one of the best preserved environmental and landscape contexts. Here the lagoon, the salt marshes, the vineyards, the flora and fauna of land and sea have always exercised a strong appeal for tourists from all over the world. It is, without a doubt, one of the many natural pearls of our territory that must be protected and enhanced ".

We will intervene, in a capillary way, on the archaeological monuments by acting first of all on the wall structures: from the "Burning place" to the "Cappiddazzu Sanctuary", from the area of ​​"Porta Nord2 to that of the" Fortifications ". And, again, the "House of Mosaics", the "Casermetta", the area of ​​"Porta Sud", the zones Zone A and B of the island and the "Kothon". Overall, for the island of Mozia, the Musumeci government has invested four and a half million euros.

The first works, which were started on input from the commissioner Sebastiano Tusa, are already at an advanced stage of construction and concern the topographical survey, the arrangement of the greenery and the external furnishings, new clay paths and also a wi-fi data network . The project also provides for the creation of a cartographic computerized archive for the management of territorial archaeological data. To this must be added a series of services aimed at improving management and enhancing the tourist attraction capacity: the creation of a geodesic network, useful for the realization of all IT infrastructures; the execution of an aerial photogrammetric survey of the entire island; the creation of a territorial information system (Sit); the positioning in strategic points of some Focus telescopes, instruments for assisted natural observation with the related multilingual hypermedia database.

There is also a bike-sharing service with two types of vehicles: the classic pedal bike and the pedal assisted bike. The bicycles will all be equipped with a GPS antenna and equipped with a camera for an innovative experience. In fact, it will be possible to go around Mozia with the ecological means par excellence and, thanks to an App, to share video content on social platforms. "We have not overlooked any aspect – concludes President Musumeci – to preserve the great heritage that has made Mozia famous all over the world and at the same time to equip it with modern tools that allow it to be fully appreciated, making it even more interesting and comfortable".

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