Archaeology: New Discoveries in Leontinoi Park Include Monumental Temple

During the archaeological excavation campaign that began on August 28th by the Archaeological Park of Leontinoi and Megara in collaboration with the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, extraordinary evidence from various epochs has been uncovered. A team of approximately thirty archaeology students, led by professors Marcella Pisani and Alessandra Molinari, worked in two adjacent areas on the northern plateau of Colle San Mauro within the Park. The structures that were discovered include a monumental temple, partially revealed in previous campaigns, of the cella type without a Greek colonnade, dating back to the 6th century BC and still in use during the early Hellenistic period. In the adjacent area, latomies and structures from the medieval period, likely used as a place of worship in the 13th century, were found. This significant scientific achievement in terms of archaeological and historical value will contribute to the cultural enhancement and protection of the Leontinoi Park, as well as its future impact on tourism.

Archeologia, nuovi ritrovamenti nel Parco di Leontinoi: c’è pure un tempio monumentale

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