Aragon accident: 18-year-old seriously injured in scooter-tractor collision, undergoes urgent spleen surgery.

In Aragona, a road accident occurred between a scooter, with a young boy on board, and a tractor. The 18-year-old was on the motorcycle when, yesterday afternoon, in the Campanella district, for reasons still under investigation, he crashed into a tractor. The young man was seriously injured. Emergency services were alerted and an ambulance from 118 arrived at the scene. Medical staff provided initial care and transferred him to the San Giovanni di Dio hospital in Agrigento. His condition appeared critical, with various injuries, the most severe being to his abdomen. Once at the hospital, the 18-year-old underwent delicate spleen surgery. His condition remains critical. The local police of Aragona and the carabinieri also arrived at the scene to investigate the exact dynamics of the accident.

Incidente ad Aragona, scooter contro trattore: grave un 18enne, operato d’urgenza alla milza

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