Appointments core evaluation to Rosolini, requested the indictment for the mayor


The Syracuse Public Prosecutor's Office requested the indictment for the mayor of Rosolini, Pippo Incatascato, of the nomination of the evaluation unit to the Municipality. The news was made official by the opposition council of the city council during a press conference held this evening in Piazza Masaniello. It is not the only one who will have to appear before the investigating judge on 11 November 2019 who will have to decide whether to send him on trial, or to acquit him. The candidate presented, the lawyer Irene Scala, who presented the qualifications required by the announcement but was excluded from the selection. Furthermore the prosecutor, Vincenzo Nitti, believes that the Municipality of Rosolini is an injured party in this affair. According to the prosecution, the Commission that would have evaluated the curriculum would have operated for clientelism. Not only the mayor to be investigated, but there are four other people who must answer for …

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